An Alterborn Short Story

It was bitterly hot and as the sun glared and the sand sizzled, the three children scurried and screamed, pretending to be heroes and villains of primal myths, seemingly no care in the world. Scraps of metal were protruding from the desert accompanied by faint, reddish stains; telltale signs of a recent skirmish between brigands of the Shattered Lands. Just miles away the wasteland ended and something else began, with no conscious thing alive in slight, just the ever spreading, nefarious corruption.

Alterborn Devlog #3

Hello and welcome to a brand new dev log. First off we wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. Rest assured we’re hard at work on Alterborn; our main focus is to deliver a high quality, polished game into your hands as soon as possible and at times that will come at the cost Alterborn Devlog #3

Alterborn DevTalk #2

Get comfy while the art team responsible for the looks of Alterborn guides you through the nuances of creating a visually appealing game world in a genre filled with darkness and ominous atmosphere. Devs will shed some light on the characters being developed, environments and the upcoming features of character customization! Be sure to join Alterborn DevTalk #2

Interview with Lead Game Designer

With elements taken from looter shooters, roguelikes, and Soulslikes, Iron Lung’s upcoming action RPG Alterborn is looking like quite an interesting blend of genres, and based on what’s been revealed about the game so far, it seems to be making some exciting promises where its world, choice-based gameplay, and customization mechanics are concerned. Recently, we reached out Interview with Lead Game Designer

Alterborn DevTalk #1

The creative team at Iron Lung gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the development process of Alterborn, a soulslike which draws inspiration from multiple genres such as looter shooter and roguelite. Also, for the first time ever, get a glimpse at the gameplay itself: We look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding the game! Be Alterborn DevTalk #1

Alterborn Devlog #2

Welcome to our 2nd development blog! Once again, this is Pawel, Alterborn’s Lead Game Designer here to directly address some concerns from you, our community. 1. Truly HEARING, not “hearing”. First and foremost we’d like to thank you for showing interest in Alterborn. We’ve been taken aback by the initial reception to the game and Alterborn Devlog #2

Alterborn Devlog #1

Hello, and welcome to the very first Alterborn Devblog. We’re hard at work on the Vertical Slice; an early prototype that is meant to showcase all the core gameplay systems, mechanics and act as a proof of concept for what we try to achieve. I am Pawel, Alterborn Lead Game Designer and I will walk you Alterborn Devlog #1